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Sold Out
Essengee — Hourglass
Release date : Oct. 31, 2013
Label : Jesterman Studios
  1. No Such Thing
  2. Sorry Seems To Be
  3. When you say Nothing at All
  4. Fields of Gold
  5. I Swear
  6. Angels
  7. Amazed
  8. Big Yellow Taxi
  9. I write the Songs
  10. Africa
  11. Tiny Dancer


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Second album to be released by ESSENGEE.

Since the release of their first album “The Greatest Discovery” in 1997 the pair have been busy. They both moved to Bali later that year to head up the entertainment at the prestigious “Sheraton Laguna Nusa Dua” and spent almost 18 months there developing their craft.

The Next album wasn’t to be recorded till late in 2007 and has been sitting waiting for release since then.


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