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The Greatest Discovery
ESENGEE — The Greatest Discovery
Release date : Oct. 13, 1997
Label : Jesterman Studios
  1. The Greatest Discovery
  2. Need You Now
  3. Your Song
  4. Fragile
  5. Thousand Trees
  6. Summertime
  7. Something About the Way you Look Tonight
  8. What About Me
  9. Rocket Man
  10. Bring Him Home
  11. Take me to the Pilot
  12. Phantom Of the Opera
  13. Child (bonus track)


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First album released Gavin Hill and Simon Bower (ESSENGEE)

After years of live shows and performing at prestigious venues around Australia and overseas Gavin Hill and Simon Bower recorded the long awaited first album “The Greatest Discovery” a collection of covers and original music that was enjoyed by thousands over the years.

After playing for the Sheraton group for over 12 years Gavin and Simon developed a great repertoire of music that was enjoyed by everyone.

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